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Aging Life Solutions


Donna Diotalevi & Associates, Inc.

Phone: (813) 654-4499

Aging Life Solutions in Tampa Bay, Florida

Aging Life Solutions


Donna Diotalevi & Associates, Inc.

Our company mission is to fully understand your needs and concerns, enabling us to develop solutions that will provide you with clarity, peace of mind, and a way forward.

What is an Aging Life Care ManagerĀ®?

Aging Life Care in Tampa Bay FloridaAn Aging Life Care Manager is a professional who evaluates, advises, and guides older adults and their families through the maze of services and options.

In a health care and social service system that is both confusing and fragmented, our RN Care Managers have the in-depth knowledge and skills needed to locate, access and coordinate the best possible care for your loved one.

We are thoughtful listeners and creative problem solvers. We will evaluate your unique problems, concerns and goals and help you make informed decisions.

Our Care Management practice is grounded in holistic nursing principles. Each team member recognizes the importance of assessing the “whole” person and that the person is not simply his or her illness. We view the needs of each client in a holistic manner, respecting the interconnections of the mind, body and spirit.

Each member of our team is also a member of the Aging Life Care Association, both the national organization and the Florida State Chapter. This means that our entire staff adhere to the rigorous Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics maintained by all members of this Association. Here you can review these standards:

When You Need Help With Your Aging or Disabled Family Members, We Can Help...

Locally Owned & Operated

Donna Diotalevi & Associates is now Aging Life Solutions and serves the Greater Tampa Bay Area/West Central Florida Region and beyond.

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