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Aging Life Solutions


Donna Diotalevi & Associates, Inc.

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Aging Life Solutions in Tampa Bay, Florida

Aging Life Solutions


Donna Diotalevi & Associates, Inc.

Our company mission is to fully understand your needs and concerns, enabling us to develop solutions that will provide you with clarity, peace of mind, and a way forward.

Donna Diotalevi & Associates geriatric care tampa bay, floridaWhen your elderly family member is facing a crisis, you need quality care managers on your side. The goal in a crisis situation is to review the current situation, determine the care needed, research the resources, and help manage the outcome. Our care managers are experienced at managing crises of varying types, such as medial, mental health. home safety, care provision, and other challenges that arise.


There’s nothing so stressful as getting a call from a hospital informing your that your loved one has been transported to the emergency room. When these situations arise we can act quickly to help.


When our clients experience a health crisis and are taken to the emergency room, we are well prepared to advocate for them from the moment they arrive. Through our comprehensive assessment process and on-going care management visits, we know our clients’ medical history and current status. We can effectively communicate that information to their doctors, nurses and other care providers. We can share a list of their current medications, diagnoses, contact information for their primary doctor and any specialists being seen, any recent diagnostic tests that may have been done, and other pertinent information, including their Advance Directives.


Our RN Care Manager can follow the care of your loved one throughout their hospital stay and act as both advocate and intermediary with medical personnel. While supporting your loved one, we will provide you (and them) with important information needed to make informed decisions about ongoing care.


Families often encounter situations they have never been in before. They worry what the next “best” steps are. Many of our clients are caught off guard when told it is time to discharge their loved one. We know how the system works and know the importance of discharge planning from the moment of admission. Many older adults have special needs that develop as a result of a health condition for which they have been hospitalized.  Some individuals will need further care and support in a skilled nursing facility. Others might need skilled care and/or private duty care at home. The hospital discharge planner will do no more than provide a list of potential facilities and/or providers, none of whom are likely known to you. We are familiar with local providers and resources. We can help you and your loved one make the best possible choices. We can coordinate all of their discharge needs and coordinate a smooth transition to the next level of care, whether to a facility or home. We will clarify and facilitate discharge instructions, including medication changes and follow-up appointments. If you feel your loved one is being discharged earlier than they should be, we can also help you through the insurance appeals process.


Once the crisis has been handled and your loved one has moved back to their home, assisted living, or other living location, the job is not done. According to a study done by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), over 60% of hospital readmissions of the elderly happens within the first 15 days of going home. When you work with Aging Life Solutions RN Care Managers, we will make sure that your elder is receiving care that reduces their risk of readmission. Our nurse care managers provide ongoing care management services. This often includes visits to the client to review their post-discharge care and help with care questions or needs they have. It also includes follow up with physicians appointments. We will attend medical appointments with them and help arrange additional care as needed. All of this happens with regular communication with family members. Whether the family is local or distant, we often hear that this post-crisis follow-up care is priceless. We take the worry out of care.


Our clients would tell you that by proactively engaging the services of a professional Care Manager you will avert many would be crisis’. However, not all crisis can be avoided, so when a crisis occurs, it is comforting to know that you have a highly responsive partner who work to get the situation under control quickly while keeping in close communication with you.


  • 24/7 on-call availability
  • Assistance for out-of-town families with medical emergencies
  • Advocacy, crisis management, counseling or emotional support 24/7
  • Professional contact with the emergency room in order to provide pertinent history, determine and discuss level of care (observation versus inpatient)
  • Ask pertinent questions related to the medical interventions being utilized. Obtain “risk/benefit” information regarding treatment options
  • Facilitate communication between family, client, and healthcare providers
  • Advocacy at the hospital and whatever follows including: rehabilitation centers, independent living, assisted living, nursing home or back home
  • Helping clients get home and stay home from hospital and long-term care stays. Especially ideal for complex cases where limited or no family is involved or the family lives at a distance
  • Collaborate with hospital care manager to ensure discharge plan is properly carried out
  • Follow-up, post-charge, including medication compliance, DME, and home health (OT, PT, ST)
  • Continued patient education at home – medication, precautions, equipment and more
  • Education, support and guidance for client, caregivers and families to cope with the effects of the client’s disease

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Donna Diotalevi & Associates is now Aging Life Solutions and serves the Greater Tampa Bay Area/West Central Florida Region and beyond.

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