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Aging Life Solutions


Donna Diotalevi & Associates, Inc.

Phone: (813) 654-4499

Aging Life Solutions in Tampa Bay, Florida

Aging Life Solutions


Donna Diotalevi & Associates, Inc.

Our company mission is to fully understand your needs and concerns, enabling us to develop solutions that will provide you with clarity, peace of mind, and a way forward.

Experience Our Difference

Donna Diotalevi's Parents

Donna Diotalevi’s Parents

Aging Life Solutions is the only Professional Care Management practice in the Tampa Bay area that is comprised of all Registered Nurses. RNs are medical system “insiders” who know how to navigate our complex medical system from the inside out, across all settings. This nursing knowledge of various medical diagnoses, medications, treatments, procedures, and standards of care, will make a real difference in your loved one’s quality of care.

RN Care Managers do not provide “hands on” nursing care; however, under the scope of their Florida State license, they can assist with medication set up and oversight. You can expect that our Care Managers will provide general health and well-being checks of your loved one and inform you of any concerns.

Our clients greatly benefit from our attendance at key physician appointments. This helps you and your loved one formulate important questions to ask the doctor. Your Care Manager will document the doctor’s responses and recommendations and communicate those to you in a detailed “Post Visit Report.” This report helps you and your loved one gain a full understanding of their medical condition and gives you the information to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various treatment options. Your Care Manager will follow up after the appointment and coordinate the doctors orders and make certain new prescriptions are obtained and initiated.

Being locally owned and operated, and long time members of our local community, we’ve built relationships with local facilities, providers and resources who are the BEST at what they do. When you work with us, you get access to all of our resources. Most we have worked with repeatedly. When we receive a request for a new or specialized service, we network with our most trusted colleagues for their input and referrals. There are never any financial incentives when we refer you to others. You will always get honest, unbiased and ethical recommendations from us.

Locally Owned & Operated

Donna Diotalevi & Associates is now Aging Life Solutions and serves the Greater Tampa Bay Area/West Central Florida Region and beyond.

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