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Aging Life Solutions


Donna Diotalevi & Associates, Inc.

Phone: (813) 654-4499

Aging Life Solutions in Tampa Bay, Florida

Aging Life Solutions


Donna Diotalevi & Associates, Inc.

Our company mission is to fully understand your needs and concerns, enabling us to develop solutions that will provide you with clarity, peace of mind, and a way forward.

We Provide Professional Case Management & RN Consulting for

Trust Officers, Attorneys, Claims Adjusters and Financial Planners

  • Do you need an assessment of the health and welfare of an aging client?  
  • Are family members in conflict over what is best for Mom and Dad?  
  • Are you worried about the costs of care for a client and want to make sure all options have been explored?  
  • Do you want an independent review to ensure your client is receiving proper care?

We Are Professional Problem Solvers With the Expertise and Resources Needed to Assist You

Protecting the best interests of an elderly, disabled, or chronically ill client often presents special challenges. Care needs can change rapidly, requiring supervision and periodic re-evaluation of your client’s care arrangements by a professional RN Care Manager.

professional care management in tampa bay, floridaOur RN Care Managers will objectively assess your client and help you make informed decisions. In a health care and social service system that is both confusing and fragmented, our RNs have the knowledge and skills to locate and access the highest quality care options and coordinate resources. There are no simple solutions to long-term care needs. Whether your concerns are medical, psychosocial, or environmental, Donna Diotalevi & Associates, Inc. can help. We are a group of Licensed Professional Registered Nurses, as well as Care Managers. We have extensive clinical knowledge and experience. We understand the complex healthcare delivery system. We promote independence and quality of life, as well as identify and enhance the clinical, social, and environmental needs of each client.

We Provide Comprehensive On-Site Assessments and Individualized Care Planning

Our services begin with an Initial Compressive Assessment. Our Care Manager will visit your client, in their current setting, and perform an objective evaluation of his or her functional, physical, and cognitive abilities. All medical, psychological, social and spiritual needs are identified. Following this assessment, the client receives a written report where all problems and concerns observed during our assessment process are identified. In most cases, our Assessment is followed by our recommendations for addressing these problems (our Care Plan).

Sometimes Protecting Your Client’s Best Interests Involves Complex Long-Term Care Planning

Long term care solutions in Tampa Bay FloridaIf in-home care is needed, our Care Manager can interview and screen potential home care companies and educate them on your client’s unique needs. If home repair or modification is necessary, we can identify the problems, research alternatives, and coordinate solutions. Our ongoing care monitoring will provide early problem identification followed by problem solving solutions. Our Care Managers serve as liaisons between you and your client, physician, and family members. This role of client advocate and medical adviser gives you the assistance needed to fulfill your legal and fiduciary responsibilities. We can assist you to protect your client’s assets while ensuring the highest possible quality of life. If placement in a nursing home or assisted living facility becomes necessary, we can identify the most appropriate facilities and recommend the best options for placement. If desired, we can coordinate care and provide social interaction through regular visits. Our goal is to ensure that your client is able to care for themselves adequately or is being well cared for by everyone involved in providing care.

Services Provided Include, But Are Not Limited to:

  • Assessments
  • Problem identification
  • Care Planning & Coordination
  • On-going monitoring
  • Evaluation of alternative living arrangements
  • Moving assistance
  • Long-term planning assistance
  • Assistance for individuals with special needs

When You Need Help With Your Aging or Disabled Clients we Can Help…

Locally Owned & Operated

Donna Diotalevi & Associates is now Aging Life Solutions and serves the Greater Tampa Bay Area/West Central Florida Region and beyond.

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