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Aging Life Solutions


Donna Diotalevi & Associates, Inc.

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Aging Life Solutions in Tampa Bay, Florida

Aging Life Solutions


Donna Diotalevi & Associates, Inc.

Our Services

We Provide Comprehensive On-Site Assessments and Individualized Care Planning

Our services begin with an Initial Comprehensive Assessment. Our Care Manager will visit your loved one, in their current setting, and perform an objective evaluation of his or her functional, physical, and cognitive abilities. All medical, psychological, social and spiritual needs are identified. Following this assessment, the client receives a written report where all problems and concerns observed during our assessment process are identified. In most cases, our Assessment is followed by our recommendations for addressing these problems (our Care Plan).

Sometimes Care for Your Elderly Loved One Means Bringing Care and Support into Their Home or They May Wish to Consider Moving Into a Senior Living Facility

If in-home care is needed, our RN Care Manager can interview and screen potential home care companies and educate them on your older adult’s unique needs. If home repair or modification is necessary, our RN Care Manager can identify problems, research alternatives, and coordinate solutions. Our ongoing care monitoring provides early problem identification, followed by problem solving solutions. Our RN Care Managers serve as liaisons between the client, family members, physicians, attorneys, and other professionals involved in care. This role of client advocate and medical adviser gives you the assistance needed to know your loved one has the best care available. If, for some reason, your loved one must move to a nursing home or assisted living facility, our RN Care Managers know the resources available and can identify the most appropriate facilities and recommend the best options for placement. If desired, we can coordinate care and provide social interaction through regular visits. We do everything we can to ensure that your loved one is able to care for themselves adequately or is being well cared for by everyone involved in providing care.

Comprehensive Assessments & Individualized Care Planning

Each client has a Registered Nurse Care Manager who meets them and reviews their problems, concerns, and goals. This is followed by a written customized care plan that offers solutions and identifies helpful resources.


Expert Advocacy

Advocacy is our specialty. Whether in a facility or at a physician’s office, we are keenly aware that many clients struggle to ask important questions or have difficulty remembering what the doctor said. We know the questions to ask, we take the notes, we coordinate the care!


Crisis Intervention

We have the expertise needed in a crisis. We respond quickly, advocate effectively, share important information with providers and family members, and make certain options for care and/or resolution are understood. 

Living Situation Evaluations

We will evaluate the home environment and make recommendations to enhance independence and facilitate safe and secure aging-in-place.

Professional Liaisons

We collaborate with physicians, attorneys, financial advisers, home care companies, rehabilitation providers, as well as hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and senior living communities.

Communication Conduit

One of the most important services we provide is communication with loved ones. We want to make sure everyone who should know what’s going with their loved ones is up to date on their status. We provide information so that you and your family can make informed decisions.

Care Participation

We participate in team meetings in facilities, with home care providers, and in physician’s offices. We bring our nursing experience to the table and collaborate with the client’s team of professionals to provide the best care.

Coordinating Services

We know the best resources in the area. We arrange and coordinate inpatient and outpatient therapy, home care, medical supplies, and equipment, as well as many other resources and specialized services.

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Locally Owned & Operated

Donna Diotalevi & Associates is now Aging Life Solutions and serves the Greater Tampa Bay Area/West Central Florida Region and beyond.

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